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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Prague is the most beautiful city

Prague is the most beautiful city in the country, which you can fall in love with at first sight, so it is not surprising that many travelers come here again and again, but with comfortable shoes, lots of money and brutal appetite.

The Christmas period is the time to give and receive gifts, so it would be wrong to come from Prague without souvenirs for your relatives and friends. Be sure to buy in Prague a real “Green” (this is the famous Mint 30 ° liquor) or absinthe, the number of species of which is quite large. As a gift, friends can also bring T-shirts with the image of the Czech favorite writer Franz Kafka or the famous artist Alphonse Mucha. As a Christmas gift to numerous relatives, you can choose interesting and original figures of the defender of the house, for example, a witch on a broomstick, a soldier Schweik or Pinocchio. Almost all souvenirs can be purchased in the area of ​​Vatsldava and Old Town Squares, where the range of goods and prices are almost the same.

If you want to enjoy shopping, then know that during the Christmas season there are major sales here, so you should go to the main street Na Příkopě for shopping. There is a huge number of clothing stores and shoes from European brands, as well as boutiques with jewelry, cafes and restaurants. The most pleasant and necessary souvenirs from Prague are considered to be products made from Bohemian crystal: refined vases, beautiful glasses, chandeliers, etc.

In order not to forget to visit some of the remarkable sites of Prague, you should get acquainted with their list in advance, which includes the following places of interest: Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral, the famous Charles Bridge over the Vltava River, an amazing toy museum, Stare Mesto and the Jewish Quarter (Czech the name "Josefov"), the castle in Visegrád, the castle of Troy, a huge Prague zoo. You should also take a boat trip on the Vltava River, see the majestic Krizik fountains and visit the Smichov brewery, including beer tasting in the program.

If you come on an excursion to Prague Castle, then be sure to stroll through the narrow, but very cozy Golden Street, the entrance to which is paid. On this street there are many souvenir shops with authentic souvenirs, for example, you can buy glass, leather and perfumery handmade at a reasonable price.

In addition, for a fee, you can shoot a real medieval crossbow or climb the viewing platform of the Daliborki tower and look at the places where alchemists and jewelers once lived.

You should also understand that there are a huge number of museums in Prague, but to visit them for one tourist trip is simply unrealistic, so try to find time to get acquainted with the collections of at least some of them. The largest and most famous museum of the capital of the Czech Republic is considered to be the National Museum, but you are unlikely to bypass it in a few hours, so dedicate at least half a day to it. It is also worth visiting the museum of toys, Czech music, the Mozart Museum, wax figures or Czech glass. If you like to tickle your nerves, then go to the museum of torture tools or the museum of erotic toys.

The city is also worth exploring the Petrin Tower, climb the viewing platform of the TV tower and see the unusual “Dancing House”, considered to be one of the symbols of Prague.

If you get tired of going on excursions, you can always go to the suburbs of Prague, where there is a good water park. The cost of visiting is quite reasonable, and you can easily enjoy skiing from the slides, swimming in the jacuzzi, Roman saunas, etc.


Of course, to spend your long-awaited New Year or Christmas holidays is best at home with relatives and friends, but if you want to celebrate these days fun and memorable, then it is best to go on a trip, for example, to Europe. In this region, they are able and love to celebrate Christmas, because this is the main holiday of the year, when you can hold fireworks and festivals on the streets, cook delicious dishes, give and receive gifts. You can buy a bus tour of European countries and celebrate a holiday in several cities at once, comparing the culture and traditions of different nations, but it is best to purposefully go to a certain country and celebrate all your days in a calm, but at the same time original and unusual setting.

 Many excursion programs in Europe include a visit to Poland, because in its beautiful and cozy cities there are also many interesting sites that deserve the attention of tourists from all over the world. In Poland, it is worth visiting the notorious Auschwitz, where concentration German camps have survived, which became the grave of millions of people during World War II.Warsaw is an amazing capital of Poland since 1596 and a beautiful old European city with a long history. Unfortunately, the historic center of the city was completely destroyed by the Nazis during the war, but after a thorough restoration, it was almost completely restored and today it is deservedly included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Warsaw attracts thousands of travelers not only with its cozy cafes and restaurants, inexpensive shopping centers and original shops, but also the picturesque embankment of the main river of the city - the Vistula, as well as the charming and unique architecture of the historical center and modern skyscrapers, the number of which increases every year.

Warsaw is divided into 2 parts by the Vistula River - on the left bank there is the Old Town and most of the main attractions and hotels, and the right bank is less attractive and interesting in terms of tourism, since residential areas are mainly located here.

In Poland, you should take a tour of the city of Krakow, because it is considered one of the most beautiful and cozy cities in Europe, but if your tour program includes only a tour of Warsaw, then you can be sure that this city also has something to see and why be surprised.

The central part of the capital of Poland includes such areas as Śródmieście, Wola, Mokotów, Praga Północ and Praga Południe, which are an extraordinary mix of modern architecture buildings and at the same time fashionable residential areas.

In the southern part of the city, you should definitely visit the Wilanów Palace, and in Ursynów there is a beautiful historical national park and reserve.

If you came to the city for tourist purposes, but did not purposely get any tours, and would like to explore the sights of Warsaw on your own, then first of all you should go to the Old Town, which is considered to be a symbol of Poland and its heart.

In the Old Town area there is the Palace Square, the majestic Royal Palace, the Market Square and other places of interest to all travelers. Palace Square is a complex of beautiful old buildings, cozy and narrow streets, where citizens and guests of the capital of Poland spend their time. Palace Square is also called Plyac Zamkow, in addition, it houses the famous monument of Poland - the column of Sigismund. Here you will find a lot of excellent cafes, the prices in which you will be pleasantly surprised, and the quality and taste of local dishes will not leave indifferent any tourist.

 In Warsaw, it is worth making a fascinating shopping, because prices in almost all Polish cities are much lower than in other European countries.

If you explore the Palace Square, then you will immediately notice the beautiful Royal Castle, open to the public, and the cost of sightseeing tours of it does not exceed 10 euros.

The next destination should be the amazing and homely Market Square, where the fountain, built in memory of the Sirena, the patroness of Warsaw, is located. On the square you will surely be pleased with the abundance of cozy cafes and souvenir shops, where you can buy art objects from Polish masters as a gift to relatives and friends as a souvenir of your trip to Warsaw. In the souvenir shops of the Market Square, you can even find real and exclusive antiques at a low price. The history of the square dates back to about the 13th century; therefore, it is considered to be one of the oldest in Europe.

In Warsaw, there is the only caricature museum in Europe founded by the Polish artist Lapinski in 1978, so its collections also deserve the attention of tourists. The collection of the museum consists of original works of Polish caricaturists, but in addition to this, there are works by foreign artists, so the museum can rightly be called international.

Warsaw is a fabulous city, so it's worth noting to visit it for at least 2-3 days, because here you can see medieval streets, ancient churches, beautiful and cozy houses, discover delicious Polish dishes in local restaurants and enjoy the extraordinary view of the banks of the river Wisla. Do not believe those who say that there is absolutely nothing to do in Warsaw, but just come and see for yourself.

Be sure to include in your Warsaw review program the following places of interest: Warsaw Alexander Citadel, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Wilanowski and Presidential Palaces and Uyazdow Castle. Most of the museums of Warsaw are also famous for their rich collections of exhibits, so take the time to visit the National Museum, the Historical Museum and the Museum of the Polish Army.

The best country for celebrating Christmas and New Year in Europe is considered to be the cozy and homely Czech Republic, the fabulous cities of which embody the real Christmas story, so familiar from favorite books from childhood. The ideal option would be to go on Christmas holidays in Prague, from where you can take a trip to Ceske Krumlov or Karlovy Vary.

Prague is an amazing city where you will constantly get sore feet from frequent walks and excursions to the main sights of the capital of the Czech Republic and where you can easily gain weight from the constant use of delicious local beer and delicious Czech cuisine. Here you will spend a lot of money, because to go past the set of souvenir shops, cozy shops and shopping centers is simply unrealistic.

Friday, January 25, 2019

It would seem difficult to find a second land for which there are such contradictory comments from travelers who have been there. Some return to their home with glittering eyes, new sensations and filled cameras. Others curse their nose for collapsed buildings, lack of comfort and poor people. Cuba is the land to enjoy the exoticism created by the regime. The 50's car on the streets, Fidel Castro's propogand posters, demonstrations.

The system in Cuba is still quite socialist, has exacerbated the economy and many live in total poverty. A lot is forbidden, but people smile much more than Europeans and even the poor people look free and happy. The locals are waiting for Castro to end, they think the system is not good. However, it does not speak aloud. Cuba has a very well-developed stack system, and loudly speaking against the regime is risky.

The Freedom Island, which is almost twice as big as Latvia, has 11 million inhabitants. Cubans speak Spanish, and very rarely one can speak English, Russian or French. It is a Caribbean country with beaches, diving pleasures and dolphins. From the west, the island is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico, from the south by the Caribbean Sea and by the North by the Atlantic Ocean. There are two seasons in the subtropical climate - rainy summer (May to October) and sunny winter (November to April). The water temperature during the year ranges from + 22 ° C to + 30 ° C. There are no poisonous animals in Cuba, the snakes are not poisonous, crocodiles live only in the reserves, and wildlife has long been eaten.

Cuba is a mix of Spanish and African cultures, from which the origins of such popular salsa music and dance come. There are surprisingly many salsa - son - bolero etc. ensembles. Almost every pub has live music! It is also advisable to go to some salsa classes, even if you have never danced before! When you go to a cafe or a disco, you have to add extra expenses to the musicians. Musicians do not receive a fee from the café, but it goes without saying that each table pays some pesos. Or buy their CD for 10 pesos - no tip is required

Shops are of two types - acceptable for a tourist pocket, but not cheap (prices above average Europe). And tocska. Locals shop there - on the street side for some homes with open doors, there is a marketable item - one can buy eggs, another flour, another white bread, and so on. Tochas and the market are the only places where local pesos can be used. Elsewhere - only convertible pesos. The fruit can be bought on the roadside. People stand with fruit or sit on a small table and sell bananas, coconuts, mandarins, papaya, gamma, etc. You can buy a variety of stuff as souvenirs - even from beer cans or rum boxes made of cardboard. There are also beads from real beans or black corals. A wide selection of souvenirs such as music CDs and Afro-Cuban musical instruments - rocks, gauze, etc. Or more practical snacks - Cuban symbols - coffee, rum and cigars.

It is also advisable to visit a tobacco factory in Cuba. Here tells the tobacco road from the field to the store shelf. Tobacco leaves prepared in huge workshops turn into expensive cigars that are offered at a price five times lower than in the factory shop. Cubans are so much interested in tourist money that many are trying to tell, buy and cheat money in a variety of ways - such as taxis, guides, pimps, strangers, etc. Whats your name? Where are you from? Many of these calls are made by the Havana center. The main thing is not to pay attention, as these workers do not want to talk ... They have learned how to get a commission not only from girls but also from eateries, lodgings, etc.

It is advisable to enjoy Cuban exotica as soon as possible, because even the Cubans themselves wait for the Castro regime to fall and Cuba's rapid steps to become like land ...

Trip to Mexico

Mexico is one of the long-standing and rich cultural landscapes that Latvian tourism companies are gradually acquiring. In the second half of March, a group of eight people attended it together with the head of the business and leisure travel department of "IMPRO TRAVEL".

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- It all started with British Airways' tickets purchased during the Skyman campaign in Riga - London - Mexico City - London - Riga for $ 457, which is about half cheaper than usual. Then we also started planning a tour route - until there was no idea, says Ints Murnieks. - We decided that in 17 days Mexico should see as many as possible and as much as possible without forgetting about the rest. We traveled around Mexico with a small Ford bus, which was also a guide for the driver. During the trip, 3,500 km were taken and about 70-80% of the sites recommended by Mexican tourist guides are located in the south and east of the country. Of course, there is something to see in the north of Mexico, but the tourists usually go there if they want to see certain places, such as the Coon Canyon or the Gulf of California. We visited the Theotivakana Solar and Moon Pyramid, the eternal spring city of Cuernavaca, the silver mining town of Tasko, one of the first Spanish colonial towns of Pueblo, crossed the Sierra Cadre ridge and cactus fields, one of the 'colorful and tastiest' cities of Oahak, Indian-populated areas, jungle and tropical forests in the state of Chiapah, climbing up the mountains to almost 2500 meters, appreciated the mysterious Mayan Indian pyramid of the Yucatan Peninsula to the Caribbean resort of Playa del Carmen, where we enjoyed the sea and the sun for three days. At the end of the trip from Cancun we flew back to Mexico City and home. For one person, this tour cost about $ 2,000.

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Overall, Mexico is a little more expensive than Latvia. A daily meal of 90 to 150 Mexican pesos (10 to 17 US dollars) should be left for a normal meal. Beer or freshly squeezed orange juice costs 10-20 pesos (1 - 2 US dollars). In stores, fruits and vegetables are cheaper than us, meat, fish, bread, pastries - more expensive, and household and industrial goods at similar prices.
There are practically no train traffic in the country, but there are wide and convenient bus services, including different classes. $ 50 for a first-class bus (comfortable, long-distance travel, with air conditioning, WC and video) can take nearly a thousand kilometers. Taxis in Mexico are twice as cheap as in Riga and can and should be bargained before boarding.
The national language in Mexico is Spanish, but the Indian language is also common - there are 59 different Indian nationalities in their country, who speak their native language. English is mostly understood only in a tourism-related environment, so it would be advisable to learn the basics of Spanish while traveling individually, as then establishing contact with kind Mexicans will not be a problem, even if your language skills are limited to 10-20 standard sentences. Otherwise, you may be contacted by signs.
Although it is known that the transit route of drugs from South America and North America passes through Mexico, there is no particular problem for tourists from a security point of view. True, however, on the only major highway leading from South America, it is recommended to stop on an empty road. Much more care should be taken of the sunshine. Tourism is one of the whales on which the Mexican economy is based - income from this sphere is the second largest behind the oil industry, so foreigners are welcome everywhere. Mexicans themselves are great travelers. During their school holidays, families with their cars run from one country to another to spend a few days at Cancun or Acapulco resorts, while student groups in Mayan pyramids and museums were an integral part. After the events of September 11th, the number of American tourists in Mexico has dropped significantly, and Alberto, a tourist guide from Latvia, was very concerned. As a result, many families have lost their income or even have to deal with the consequences of unemployment.
From a medical point of view, tourists from Latvia do not necessarily have to take action, but there are things to watch out for, as in the south. You should not drink tap water and clean your teeth - a bottle of water will be available in any hotel room. It is not advisable to eat on the street, to drink drinks or to enjoy the untreated fruit - it can easily come to the "Revenge of Mastery" or diarrhea.

Urban and rural differences

Mexico City, Mexico City, is the largest city in the world, with thirteen million people living in the city, with 22 million suburbs. Every year, the population grows by 800,000, figuratively speaking, there is one Riga present. This is mainly due to migration - as in Mexico too, there is a huge gap between wealth and wages between the capital, other cities and rural areas.